What We Do

You have questions. We find the answers.

We’ll work with you to determine your business objectives and the underlying research questions.  Then, taking into account your timetable and budget, we’ll put together a research plan to meet your needs.

We offer a wide range of research services, including:


Value Analysis

How do I ensure customer loyalty?

Value Analysis is a proprietary, in-depth quantitative research methodology that comprehensively evaluates all aspects of your relationship with your customers. This enables you to understand and respond to your customers’ expectations, focus your resources on the issues that customers truly value, invest wisely in short-term and long-term needs based on marketplace dynamics, and position your brand effectively and credibly within your target market.

Employee Studies

How can I attract and retain great employees?

An employee study can reveal your employees’ main motivations and frustrations, allowing you to respond in ways that can increase employee loyalty and productivity. These studies can be done through surveys, phone interviews, on-site focus groups, or a combination of approaches.

Awareness and Image Tracking

How are we doing in the marketplace?

Measuring key performance indicators (such as name awareness, advertising awareness, consideration/preference, and image ratings) is critical to ensure that your marketing efforts are on target. Tracking these metrics over time allows you to observe and understand market trends and assess the overall effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Qualitative Research

How can I learn what’s really behind someone’s attitudes and behaviors?

If you need to understand why people feel or act a certain way, our qualitative approaches provide an ideal environment for exploration and discovery.  These can take many forms, from traditional focus groups and small group discussions, to one-on-one interviews and intercepts, to the latest in mobile research, eye tracking, facial recognition, and biofeedback technologies.  We’ll recommend the right approach for your audience and objectives.


Who are my customers?

Marketing, branding, and strategic planning are more effective when you can relate to your customers.  We build customer personas that incorporate demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral components.  The result: you have an enhanced, holistic sense of what makes your customers tick and a better understanding of how to reach them.

Brand Equity

What does my brand stand for?

To effectively market yourself, you must understand what your brand stands for and how well you are delivering on your brand promise.  This often involves collecting and overlaying perspectives from customers, prospects, employees, and other stakeholders in order to discover the fundamental essence of your brand.  This in turn allows you to better communicate your unique value proposition to your target market.

Positioning and Communication

What should I say about myself?

Developing a communication campaign involves developing the right message and using the right medium to position your brand to its target audience.  We test all of these factors to ensure an effective campaign.

Sentiment Analysis

What are people saying about me online?

In an age when reputations can be made or ruined seemingly overnight, it’s critical to keep tabs on what others are saying about you.  We can help you monitor your online reputation to ensure your customers and prospects are hearing what you want them to hear.


Data Analytics

What can my existing data tell me?

You may already have data on customer transactions, behaviors, or demographics.  We can help you make the most of the data you already have, whether that means creating a customer segmentation model, mapping out likely purchase patterns, overlaying third party psychographics, or aligning customer profiles with sales and marketing strategies.

Secondary Data Review

What else can I learn from research I’ve already conducted?

If you’ve already conducted research and want to incorporate past work into your current planning, or just want another perspective, we can help.  From summary reports that distill stacks of research reports into key takeaways, to repurposing past analytics such as customer segmentation and customer lifetime value (CLV) models, we can help you get the most out of your past investments.

Strategic Planning Support

Are we strategically positioned for success?

Your long-term planning exercises can be more productive and effective when you are able to anticipate market trends and understand how to respond to customers’ evolving needs.  We can add these research-based insights to your planning process.  We also facilitate planning discussions, adding a neutral third-party perspective that ensures maximum participation from your group.


What do we do next?

With decades of experience across many industries, we offer a unique data-driven approach to identifying and solving problems.  We can assist you in everything from big-picture strategic decision-making to highly granular operational issues, applying our fresh perspective to address your immediate and long-term needs.