Who We Are

Why We’re Unique

Message Factors, Inc. provides a market research experience unlike what you may have experienced in the past.  We are more than a research company, we’re a strategic partner.


We understand the bigger picture.  Our staff includes individuals with backgrounds in research, psychology, advertising, corporate management, and neuromarketing. Each of these perspectives is incorporated in our studies during a systematic internal planning process.

Company Structure

Our internal capabilities range from project design and management to data processing, analysis, and consulting.  Because we handle these processes in-house, we are always conscious of every study’s objectives and every client’s overall needs at every step in the research process.

Our Specialty

Long ago, we decided not to specialize in a particular field.  The reason?  Customer behavior isn’t industry-specific.  While each industry has unique characteristics, there are powerful and universal underlying factors that shape people’s behavior and build the foundation for their relationships with individuals, companies, brands, products, and more.  Our specialty is identifying and defining the factors that drive loyalty toward our clients, whether among customers, prospects, business partners, employees, or any other group.